Occupational safety and health protection

Ensuring the safety and health of employees is not only a statutory duty of every employer as laid down in the Accident Insurance Act and the Labour Law, but also an important commitment of the management. Healthy, motivated and efficient employees – and the associated low levels of absence caused by accidents and illness – are an important factor for the success of a company.

Effective prevention of accidents and occupational diseases requires a targeted, systematic approach. However, setting up a safety system, which continuously has to be reviewed and improved, is complex and requires expert knowledge. This is why it is to be recommended to take part in an industry solution.

ASA industry solution for the chocolate, bakery and confectionery industry

Since November 1999, CHOCOSUISSE and BISCOSUISSE have had an industry solution certified by the Federal Coordination Commission for Occupational Safety (FCOS) for the implementation of the FCOS Guideline No. 6508 on the hiring of occupational physicians and other specialists in workplace safety. This supports the affiliated companies in the implementation of legal requirements and in the continuous improvement of occupational safety and health protection. To this end, it, among other things, provides companies with an industry-specific manual, offers training courses and answers questions about occupational health and safety. This enables the companies to develop and implement their own safety system on this basis.

Currently, 40 companies with almost 6,000 employees are affiliated with the CHOCOSUISSE / BISCOSUISSE industry solution. Since its introduction in 1999, the frequency of accidents in the industry solution has been reduced by around a third.

The industry solution is designed for the member companies of CHOCOSUISSE and BISCOSUISSE, but is also open to non-association members. You can find further information on the industry solution, its services and membership conditions on the ASA CHOCOSUISSE / BISCOSUISSE industry solution homepage.