The quality standards of Swiss chocolate also cover the sustainability of production – from cultivation in the countries of origin of the cocoa to the manufacture of the chocolate in Switzerland.

Sustainability is a central component of corporate activity. CHOCOSUISSE supports and complements the diverse commitment of member companies in the non-competitive sector.

You can find our most recent position papers on the topic of sustainability under Positions.

International Cocoa Organization ICCO

CHOCOSUISSE represents Swiss chocolate manufacturers in the Consultative Body of theInternational Cocoa Organization (ICCO). The Consultative Body prepares input and recommendations on the development of a sustainable global cocoa economy for the ICCO Council. The authorities of the ICCO member states are represented there.

The Swiss Platform for Sustainable Cocoa

CHOCOSUISSE represents Swiss chocolate manufacturers on the board of the Swiss Platform for Sustainable Cocoa. This multi-stakeholder initiative brings together the private sector, public authorities, non-governmental organisations and research institutes, and has set itself the goal of ensuring that in the long term all products containing cocoa which are imported into Switzerland come from sustainable cultivation. At least 80 per cent of this goal should be achieved by 2025. The platform also contributes to the implementation of the ICCO's Global Cocoa Agenda and the UN's Sustainable Developments Goals (SDG). The platform bundles forces, knowledge and experience in topic-related working groups. Co-financed projects enable the practical application of innovative solutions and the exchange and further development of lessons learned.

Industry code of conduct on cocoa sourcing

As early as in 2010, all member companies of CHOCOSUISSE had signed the Swiss chocolate industry’s code of conduct on cocoa sourcing. In it, the companies undertake to

  • base cocoa sourcing on the principle of traceability
  • commit to correct working conditions and to distance themselves from abusive labour practices
  • periodically verify with their suppliers that the ILO conventions on minimum age and abusive labour practices applicable to children are respected
  • support projects that increase quality and productivity in cocoa farming and improve the social conditions of cocoa farmers and their families.

Commitment through the Swiss Foundation of the Cocoa and Chocolate Industry

CHOCOSUISSE also regularly coordinates, accompanies, initiates or implements sustainability projects which are co-financed by the Swiss Foundation of the Cocoa and Chocolate Industry.

Dialogue and cooperation with international foundations and initiatives

CHOCOSUISSE is a regular discussion partner of internationally active organisations such as the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF), the International Cocoa Initiative (ICI) and the German Cocoa Forum and is occasionally involved in cooperation with such organisations.

Responsible commission: Commission for Sustainability